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Friday, January 7, 2011

Do’s and Don’ts of Online Dating: An Open Letter from Women to Men

June 12, 2010 by admin  
Filed under Dating Advice, Dating Articles, Dating Tips

Lipstick kiss on computer mouse

According to a recent article I found on the Huffington Post, statistics show there’s a 1 in 33.33 chance an adult will meet his or her partner on an online dating site. With those type of odds, it’s a good idea to know the do’s and don’ts of online dating. Fortunately, Paige Parker from offered up some great do’s and don’ts for men. Here’s a sampling of Paige’s advice:


– DO say something about yourself. It makes it impossible to write to you if all you have is a list saying you’re “kind, fun, nice, and want a girl who is attractive and easy-going.” You and everyone else in the world.
– DON’T select “it’s complicated” as a status. Why would I consider meeting a man who is in a situation he can’t end? -EJ


– Although your mom thinks you are great, DON’T include a photo of you and her. Sweet and endearing as it may appear, it is such a turn off.
– Photos that DON’T impress women include: you and your car, you wedged in between two scantily clad women, you and your ex (even if you think you’ve cleverly cut her out of the photo). -Blossom
– DON’T post webcam photos. A dark picture of you, wearing a gray hoodie scowling at the camera is only going to make me think you are some creep-o unibomber who watches porn at two o’clock in the morning. -tinydancer2009

And, our favorite from the photo category: DON’T send me pics of your penis. Just don’t.


– No, we DON’T want to come over to your place on the first date for a “sexy massage.”
– If you’re nervous, DO say so. It’s charming and immediately breaks the ice. I probably am also.
– I DON’T need to hear about the girl in high school who broke your heart and made you scorn all women from then on. You’re 35, get over it. I don’t need to hear about how you have no game and no one will date you. Feign some confidence.


– DON’T come on super strong and then back off.

To read the entire article and all of Paige’s Do’s and Don’ts, go to this page on

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