Can Wearing A Certain Color Really Affect Your Dating Success?

Believe it or not, the color red can! Redeye Chicago takes you deep into the effects this sultry color has on both men and women in the dating world.

You know how bullfighters will use a bright red flag to attract the attention of a bull? Apparently, we humans have a similar reaction to the primary color. And because both men and women have been proven to have psychological and physiological reactions to the color, wearing red might be the simplest, most universal piece of dating advice ever.

Not that you can simply slip on a red sweater and become the most sought after person in the room: your personality is still going to have to do the majority of the work. But for people who live in metropolitan areas, a huge part of the dating game is simply getting up at bat. If you want to ensure that you get noticed in a crowd, might as well use Mother Nature to your benefit.

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