Giordana Toccaceli Delivers Approaches for Relationship from the Second

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Curious about the tradition of Aşıklar Street, which his friends told, he paced on this street with the villagers. He received information about tradition from his friends. As farmers spend the winter and say hello to spring, we organize this Farmers’ Association and do our village charity. This year, 5 thousand people attended our charity. Nearly a thousand young people walked on the street.

Every year, 20 people meet on this street. This goes up to marriage. The things that carried our life there to the other world were fairy tales, love quarrels and fictional games. Remove television from today’s life, nothing left of this kind of people produced. The simit seller on the street died and a taxi driver was seriously injured. The taxi driver, who had a cerebral hemorrhage and a fractured spine, fell into a coma. Since that day, he has been in a coma, unconscious, feeding on his stomach. The house where he lives with his three children and his family has turned into a small hospital. In very difficult conditions, in financial difficulties, the children are cared for at home, with their psychology deteriorating by seeing their fathers constantly.

However, he should have informed all flat owners and shut off the gas valves in the empty flats in the building. It is said that the natural gas accumulated due to these changes exploded and the wall of the house went down.

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