Giordana Toccaceli Delivers Methods for Relationship from the Second

If you decide to survive academically, I think you will have two options to progress.

I am a second year environmental engineering student and I am doing research as my internships are about to begin. I also want to work in the energy sector after graduation, I think it would be an advantage for me to have large energy companies in the places where I do internship. At the same time, I would like to do 3 types of internships: laboratory, management-planning and business. I have certificates on energy and sustainability that I get from online platforms. Everywhere I look, I see different things about my internship and career goals and I am very confused. Where and what kind of internships would it be more appropriate for me to work in this sector?

It is nice that you do research in 2nd grade to direct your career. An engineer candidate with a high level of awareness does not have a goal that he cannot achieve, keep working …

The application of your internships and the theoretical knowledge you will see in your lessons have a great effect on both planning your career and then easily understanding the activities carried out when you start your business life. Working as an environmental engineer in the energy sector contains the most beautiful facilities where you can find the opportunity to experience closely the applications of other major engineering branches, not only as an environmental engineer. If you work in the energy sector, you can literally translate the information you get in engineering education into hardware. I suggest you do a management-planning or management internship in energy facilities. You can experience both technical and Environmental Legislation practices in depth. For your laboratory internship, choosing the laboratories of the waste water treatment facilities, the enterprises that have large-scale waste water treatment plants and laboratories instead of package treatment, and the laboratories that provide environmental measurement services will be more efficient in terms of reinforcing the laboratory analyzes you see at the university. In the energy sector, I can recommend thermal power plants, geothermal power plants, and hydroelectric power plants respectively. Since natural gas, coal thermal power plants have extensive responsibilities in terms of environmental legislation in air, waste water, noise emission and waste management, it would be more beneficial to give priority to these facilities.

I am a senior high school student and I am very interested in the field of engineering and I am thinking about choosing it, but I have a question, I would be glad if you could help. I consider myself successful in numerical lessons and I can understand when I work properly. There seems to be no problem with math and chemistry classes, but physics sometimes has a hard time. I like to work and think about it, but sometimes I have to study more than other courses, and I have to make 2-3 times more effort than usual. Would it make sense for a person who had a little difficulty in physics class to choose engineering?

Engineering is actually a very wide field; So don’t let the trouble you go through in physics lesson only make you feel off from engineering. Engineers work on different solutions and products using their knowledge of science and mathematics in a very general sense. But that doesn’t mean you have to be highly skilled in everything in science and math. That’s why there are different engineering branches and each branch makes studies in its own field by using different sciences.

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