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The main concern of every person studying electrical and electronics engineering is “Which field should I choose and which one should I develop myself, which one is better for me, which one has more job opportunities?” questions. In fact, by making this anxiety, we overlook how lucky we are. In other words, we actually see both electricity and electronics lessons and we have an idea about which one will bring us pleasure or talent during our school years, and the diploma we receive when we graduate offers us a competence to focus on both fields. In this sense, as a result of the lessons you take and the lessons you will take, the area you sympathize with will be shaped more. Electricity and electronics are very large and valuable fields of work, and if one develops himself, he can easily find a job in both areas, receive salaries that meet his expectations, and create projects with high added value. Therefore, this area is good and the other is bad, or it would not be correct to make clear judgments such as if you choose this, you will be happier than the other. You can enjoy what everyone calls bad, or you can work wonders in an area that many people find difficult. All of these vary depending on many factors such as the person’s ability, in what conditions and how he / she started his / her business life.

I would like to shed light on your way by giving you my advice in line with my experiences. When I graduated, I had no worries about which field to go, frankly, the important thing for me is to find a job and work. The feedbacks of the companies I applied to, since I was just graduated and not equipped, determined which field I would turn to. And I started by drawing an interior installation project, which I had no dreams or interests in. Yes, maybe it was not my dream job, but I knew it would still add something to me, I was patient and here I learned Autocad by trying. When this business adventure, which was like an internship, did not satisfy me in any way, I resigned and looked for different jobs, because I was in control, I did not have to do something I did not like. Autocad skills and the projects I have been involved in have now been added to my existing English knowledge on my CV, and this was the reason I was chosen for my next job. I was hired as a project engineer in a panel factory, although the salary was not very satisfactory, what was important to me was what I could learn and I was patient. Since I have been using Autocad actively in almost 2 years, I improved myself further. I gained competencies such as project proposal, single line reading, panel design, team moderation, and took part in large hotel, hospital and school projects. All of these have enabled me to grow further and the experience I have gained over the years is now considerable across the country and Erbakır A.Ş. He enabled me to be hired as a maintenance engineer for a corporate company with a satisfactory salary and conditions. Throughout my business life, I did not have a choice regarding the field, I think business life dragged me somewhere and I continued it because I was happy with it.

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