Giordana Toccaceli Delivers Strategies for Courting in the Instant

2-I also have an interest in software and when I become a mechanical engineer, would it be a plus in my business life?

There may be many opportunities to improve yourself in mechanical engineering, such as researching more on your education at school, participating in project teams, participating in competitions, etc. My suggestion is that you also focus on effective and persuasive communication in both Turkish and English so that you can express yourself very well. Unfortunately, it is not a subject that we receive effective communication training neither before nor during undergraduate, but it is the most needed feature in every field, both personally and professionally. I do many interviews, from new graduates to people who are very experienced in business life, when I look at their resumes, I witness that the people I am very impressed with cannot express themselves in face-to-face communication, embrace their achievements and pass them on. For this reason, I think it is very important to be able to clearly convey these to the other party regardless of your school, average, projects and abilities.

Every different feature; The software languages ​​you know will differentiate you from the others when the programs you can use graduate. For this reason, I recommend that you choose the areas you are interested in, focus on some of them and improve yourself in this regard. When you graduate, someone who knows a very good software language will definitely be preferred.

I gave some of the answer to the third question at the beginning, besides, how you spend your time is very important for us, internships you do, part-time work experience, projects in school, your role and your responsibilities while doing all these. In each interview, we try to understand what the candidate can do as a leader, as a teammate, and pay attention to how well he knows himself and how he expresses himself. For this reason, the more you take on different responsibilities and collect examples throughout your school life, the more advantageous you will be in the transition to business life.

I am Esmanur Gebze Technical University bioengineering 1st year student. I am interested in the biology applications of data mining, I can briefly say bioinformatics. I’m trying to learn from courses like Python, data science through Udemy, but I don’t find myself competent. I know I’m at the beginning of the road, maybe this question will sound ridiculous, but am I on the right track? When I search for how to become a data scientist, the profiles I come across are software developers and statistics. When I look at my own department lectures, maybe I am wrong, but I get the impression that I am in the wrong place. There are courses such as fluid mechanics, mass energy balances, introduction to biomaterials, introduction to biomedicine. There’s a little bit of everything; We have Python and statistics courses on behalf of bioinformatics. In my school, homework intensity is also quite a lot of exam difficulty. As a result, I inevitably think about how I will further develop myself on data science. Do you think I should move to a computer engineering department with medicine, mbg and biomedical departments using my existing ranking and average? While trying to learn Python on platforms such as Udemy, I have the feeling that I cannot be the data scientist with the position I want, even though I have tried to do it for a long time.

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