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You should never limit your industrial engineering to this. In fact, we can work in almost all sectors (automotive, textile, health, education, etc.). In a manufacturing company, you can see industrial engineers in many departments such as human resources, planning, purchasing, logistics, business development, software, production, R&D. We usually work on efficiency, this could be efficiency in any area. It may be the most efficient use of aircraft in the aviation industry, or it may be the most efficient personnel planning in a workplace.

As for software, you can study industrial engineering and work in software. I tried to give examples from different sectors in order to explain the breadth of the business field, I hope you have a little more clarity in your mind.

I will just start my department this year. I want to buy a new computer, but since I did not know which programs to use at school, I could not decide what kind of features the computer should have. Can you give an idea about this?

Since I studied with technology about 15 years ago, it may be healthier for you to learn the current requirements from your upper class friends or lecturers in the same department.

However, I think that the programs you will use most in your education life and afterwards in your business life will be word, excel, power point and Google Earth in Microsoft Office. Considering that all computers today run these programs without any problems, I can advise you that you do not need to make a huge investment. If you are going to draw with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) or Autocad or use Photoshop applications, you can ask your sales representatives to recommend a model that can run these programs smoothly.

I graduated from Giresun University last year. I am thinking of doing a master’s degree, I have entered the new Ales, I am waiting between 65-70, my language score is also very low, but now my biggest problem is I cannot decide which field to progress… Fields such as machinery, power electronics, software are very difficult for me. Can you give me any advice on choosing a field? I am also the 1st in the department, so I have the possibility to progress in the academy, but of course it is not guaranteed.

Congratulations. Nagihan, you’ve been # 1 in episode! From where? I know. You wrote between words in the text of the question – was it accidentally ?! You have shown a great success. You should share this louder.

The grades you expect from the two exams you have taken may not be at the level you want, but you can take the exam again and get higher grades. Do some workplaces find it too difficult… What are your favorite workplaces? Don’t you want to continue your business life or academy in those fields? Walking starts with taking a step. Then we take one more step, one more step, and walk. We look at where we press at every step. If a muddy field comes before us, we can step back, not forward. If we still want to continue forward, a path will be found. We go through the mud at the risk of getting our shoes dirty. Or we can go around the mud and continue.

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