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I have been thinking for 2-3 months. “I wonder if I’m in the right place? Am I doing the right thing? Will I really be a qualified engineer in the future? Will I be able to find a job, what will I do? Can I keep this job? ” Many unanswered questions… I feel like I am in the most important phase of my life and I cannot find an answer or an answer. What am I going to do if I quit? Where will I go? I cannot prepare for the exam again because if I was already motivated, I would not have made my glaze worse in the year I graduated… Then, for example, when I made a choice, I thought of a department that felt more warm to me: Business. I am a digitalist, but with equal weight, there were also very nice high sections. But it was Istanbul Cerrahpaşa University, Department of Business Administration that caught my attention and interest. I wanted to write it down and go there. Most people around me ask, “What’s the business? You will be unemployed ”etc. I did not write when I made comments. I’ve been bad. Then I made a choice so quickly and badly… At one point I said whether I should write nursing, although I hate hospitals… Anyway, I wrote ISTE Computer Engineering in the last half hour or so and it came already. But I wasn’t happy about it, and I cried. But then I got used to it or I thought so. Because the situation I’m in right now is a situation that I don’t want and don’t know what to do. So if I try to quit the department right now, my 3 years will go. Are you going to say 3 years or 1 life, but I don’t know that either. I do not know what is good and what is bad. I have so much anxiety and fear that I cannot tell you. I wanted to ask a person, to get an idea, could you give me advice as a successful female engineer and a sister, Gizem … Because now I feel very, very bad. What should I do? I have lost faith in myself now because of my exam results and my lessons …

First of all, I congratulate you for being able to express your feelings so sincerely and for bravely sharing the worries that many people do not dare to express.

We are going through such a period that not only engineering or computer engineering, but believe me, many departments, including business and health sciences, suffer from this situation. Unfortunately, you cannot go to university and take face-to-face lessons due to a global epidemic in the second year, when you will start taking the most important department courses. Believe that the more uncomfortable you are with this situation, the more uneasy we are as your professors. We never want you to lose your motivation. However, this is the result of a natural process and it is normal to experience these feelings.

Computer Engineering requires a lot of practical application. Understanding programming, algorithms, data structures and bases is a serious effort and requires lab classes, which are most productive during the face-to-face lab.

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