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You will need to make an extra time separate, effort. If you say I do these, why not. Of course you succeed.

I just graduated from Electrical Electronics Engineering. I work on the low voltage in a company but I work on engineering not more practical (such as technician). The company says that the position change will be traveled in times, but I should learn the job thoroughly. How do you recommend me to proceed?

The low-voltage applications are an engineering area, although it does not require engineering skills and requiring much efforts, in this sense, it is an area where business is conducted mainly with the team with the technology. Of course, the orientation is the engineer on the key point but the technical team is the basic need for the continuity of the work. From the environment you are in, if you are pleased with the work that you do and finantly satisfy you, the patient will be good for you for better positions. However, business facilities in the city and city will give you the most accurate idea of ​​protecting or changing positions of the expectations about the profession.

Although every nexadar in business life is difficult, it is all that we can learn from every area of ​​each area is ill with the illa and we need to show large dedication and patience to come to good places. In this sense, if you want to develop itself in low voltage, if you can imagine itself as an engineer that works in this field, and most importantly, if you are happy to be the most important business environment, you can protect the position you are in and more experience you are in. But the work environment is that the work you do doesn’t make you happy and I would recommend you to the new sectors to the new sectors and improve yourself in these areas. The voters of engineering skills, abilities and vocational groups that appeal to you will be the most accurate choice for you.

I’m reading Electrical Electronics Engineering. We know that our department with a wide area; But I can’t decide which area should be directed to what area … I don’t want to look as a goal-free person and this instability really bothers me. I love my section but in which area is successful, I don’t know what is right … What do you recommend me to do?

Electrical Electronics Engineering has a wide range of industry in the sense of the sector yes. It is up to us if we are headed to which of these options. At this point, we should direct the question that makes me happy or appealing to me rather than the question of what is “correct”. Because we will turn to which sector if we headed to it, it will not be very healthy. Because something we learn from every branch and sector is ill in ill. Currently any area has not been shaped in your head or could not address you, if you don’t have an area that you actually determine it takes you to the sector. In other words, when you apply to all work positions on the name of Branna on behalf of the business, you are starting to provide positive returns, and you are gaining experience. Thereas so many of us. In which area we have started and experienced our knowledge and our next leap is usually in this direction.

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