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I am currently in a period when I have to make a field selection and I have some questions about engineering in my mind. First of all, I am a person who has a strong social aspect and I also like to go on this side. Is engineering an asocial profession as spoken, or are engineers generally people we can call asocial? If I am an engineer, will my social side have a positive effect on my profession, for someone who does not want to work in the field of marketing? Apart from that, since the day I met myself, I have had a good relationship with mathematics, my physics is at a level that can be said to be quite average, but electronic or technological systems have not been in my interests at all, although if I become an engineer, can I love the profession? I consider engineering because I love math and it gives me as much pleasure as solving a puzzle, do you think it is the right decision?

Another thing I want to ask is is electrical engineering, a branch of engineering where we need to constantly come up with new ideas, or is it a branch like civil engineering where we can be less productive, such as demonstrating how to apply certain regulations and rules to a building? If there are branches of electrical and electronics engineering in which I can be less productive, what are these and what are the opportunities of these lines of business, such as finding a job, their situation in the private sector, and starting your own company?

It is people’s choice to be social or not, I think it is not right to associate this with a profession. So much so that most of the engineers I know, including myself, are very social people … Only because the school process is a bit more difficult than other departments, it is not easy to devote time to activities outside of the classroom. However, by studying regularly, you can both follow your lessons and spend time on other things, it’s completely up to you. If you love mathematics and are successful, I think you will not have much trouble while studying engineering, but on the contrary, you will read it fondly. Decide whether you like electronics or not, you have to deal with electronics a bit and decide like that, moreover, electrical-electronic engineering is not just about electronics. Regardless of which branch, I think engineers work to identify problems, come up with smart solutions, and find better. Just as we do when studying mathematics, we try to reach the result by using the data we have correctly.

Productivity is related to the person doing that job, and in fact, it is not right to say that the electrical engineer is more productive and the other is less. Both areas are constantly evolving and requiring new solutions. For example, as a civil engineer, you can work on a new material that will ensure that your building is least affected by an earthquake and make a great contribution to humanity … In fact, whatever job you do, it is up to you to produce and innovate, and all of them pass through knowledge. The more you learn, the easier it is to generate new ideas.

Unfortunately, the pandemic process negatively affected many sectors all over the world in terms of job opportunities.

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