Giordana Toccaceli Presents Strategies for Relationship from the Moment

I think the biggest reason for this is that we can turn to different fields (finance, production, human resources, etc.). It is the same in business as well, I think the disadvantage is that there are more graduate students. Otherwise, you can go to different areas in the business department and find a job in one. But whichever department you go to, you have to constantly add something to yourself and differentiate to make it easier to find a job later on.

I am studying at the industrial engineering department of Nişantaşı University. I am now in 4th grade. While I was studying in my department, I could not get any efficiency from the course process until this time. I do not know what kind of studies are done in my department. I only know from what I learned from my research. Therefore, I still haven’t decided what to do after graduation. I have a hard time deciding. How can I improve myself in my field? What should I do? What should I know? Is KPSS working and being appointed to the state, or improving myself in the private sector? If KPSS is working, should I work for A group or B group? What can I do in the private sector and how can I put myself in the forefront in a company or a factory? I hope I can get the answers to these questions with you here.

The university supports us up to a point, and then we need our effort. First of all, I don’t know if you have done your internships, but you can find an answer to the question of what kind of work is done in your internships. You can see in which fields, in which companies and positions industrial engineers work on Linkedin. As you see the business areas and positions, I think that other questions will gradually take shape in your mind. You can review the positions, job descriptions and criteria sought for industrial engineers on career sites. You should also improve yourself according to the criteria sought here.

KPSS, private sector preference is a bit about what you want to do. Frankly, I do not know the groups clearly about KPSS, I do not want to say anything wrong about it. Before this choice, you need to find answers to questions such as what do you want to do, and what position do you think of yourself in the future.

The answer to the last question is also very difficult and will vary from company to company, from person to person in management. But you shouldn’t run away from work, you have to be open to learning and work hard.

I am a 3rd grade student in industrial engineering at Kırıkkale University. I am not studying at a good school and I am about to graduate… I am very worried about finding a job. Do you have any suggestions for self-improvement and getting into business life?

University becomes a criterion in the first entry into business life, but only one criterion. The main qualifications are definitely not the university, you should learn and work on the qualities expected from you. In this regard, I recommend you to examine the search criteria sections of job postings on career websites.

I don’t know if you did your internships, but you should take your internships seriously and try to learn something in practice. I worked part-time in my senior year to do my thesis in practice, they contributed a lot to me, you can work in your senior year if you have the opportunity. I recommend that you improve your English, foreign language is a must in the private sector. You can attend professional conferences and expand your network.

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