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When someone who speaks a foreign language is wanted for a job, the expected qualifications are in the form of “understanding, speaking, writing”. You said that the language of instruction is 100% English, on the other hand, you do not have a very good knowledge of English. Before turning to a second foreign language, maybe you should correct the issues you see lacking in your English knowledge in the first place, so that your comment on your own English knowledge will change first.

In order to be the best in your job and to follow the market, you can contact the Professional Chamber (Chamber of Electrical Engineers), join groups of student members, be aware of the events being held, participate and communicate with the working members.

I am Nazife Zengin, I graduated from Gazi University Civil Engineering Department in 2019. I couldn’t find a job because I just graduated and I am having a hard time in this regard. They always want to work with experienced people; however, no one gives us the opportunity to gain this experience. While we have the disadvantage of fresh graduation in finding a job, it is nowadays even more difficult to find a job due to the poor industry. How can I follow a path in this regard, what are your recommendations and finally did you find it difficult to find a job, how did you get out of this situation?

As you mentioned in the article, the process of finding a job has become quite difficult due to the perspective of the employers for the new graduate and the current conditions. I recommend that you always keep your CV up-to-date, and add skills that you can improve, add and make a difference to your CV while you are looking for a job. For example, you can improve your foreign language, take part in programs and conferences that will positively affect your personal and professional development. These programs will also help you develop your network. I went through similar processes as you and many others have gone through. I believe he will end this process in a positive way, with stability and determination, without giving up.

My name is Ahmet. I was born in April of 1993, in fact Suriyeliy but I’m living in Turkey. Since I didn’t have a profession, I decided to study. Then I entered YÖS. Now I am a student of Sakarya University Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Last year I was studying preparatory Turkish but I still find it very difficult to speak and listen, so I can understand 40% of the lesson at most since it is Turkish when I enter the lesson. That’s why I sometimes get pessimistic. I don’t know what to do and I don’t know how to improve my Turkish. Could you give me some advice please?

First of all, I congratulate you for choosing to study engineering in a foreign language in a foreign country and for your efforts on this path. Since Turkish is my mother tongue, I can only give you little advice by telling you how I learned English. First of all, you are very lucky; The language you want to learn, the mother tongue of the country you live in, and most of the people around you speak Turkish. So the best thing you can do is spend as much time as possible with your Turkish friends. Watching Turkish TV programs and serials will be very useful in terms of understanding what you are listening to.

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