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You will even ask yourself the following question, “Well, I could have entered the KPSS 3 years ago as a bachelor’s degree and be appointed as a technician, I could work, why did I study engineering for nothing, I wasted 3 years?” you will fall into this contradiction and ask yourself questions, but one thing more noticeable is that you put some obstacles on your own;

How do you know that your days will pass unemployed after graduation, please throw out whatever is causing you to fall prey to this desperate prejudice. You chose “unemployed” for yourself while there are many options in the alternatives set. Our thoughts smell of pessimism anyway, when we let them go, we will be able to stand tall. Yes, you graduate, you may not find a job for a while, in that process, you can work for KPSS or find a job as soon as you graduate; You work on the one hand and on the other hand you work for KPSS, so you have a lot of colleagues who do it this way, you are not alone.

Family structure, life and financial capability of each of us is not the same. Sometimes there are moments when we have to make money right away, which can affect our choices, we may have to do what we don’t want to do, it’s really hard. But if we can stretch the situation, we must direct those questions to ourselves that will destroy the worries within us.

So you should ask yourself first, you can say “yes, if I don’t find a job immediately when I graduate, I can manage myself or my family financially and I can work KPSS again in this process”, you can also make job applications considering the possibility that everything does not always go as planned.

Business life, engineering is not KPSS indexed, you should not forget that. Of course, if you want to work in public institutions and benefit from the privileges of being a civil servant, you should strive for this, but you should not be upset in the absence of it.

We have a lot of colleagues working in the private sector who are doing wonders and making very good incomes. When you are in the 3rd grade, you can already improve yourself in the engineering field you want to turn to. So much so that you can get the opportunity to find a job due to this difference even in companies where you do internship before graduation.

Please do not fit your business life into the 3 KPSS anxious problem consisting of engineering concerns. There is no such thing as wow for a non-officer. Remember, everything shapes with you and goes in that direction however you want. You’re asking yourself what the circumstances want from me right now. Put aside the worry of making money, KPSS, everything and ask yourself first, “What do I want”?

When you give your own answer, your orientation will be according to him and these worries will be unfounded. Hoping that you will be happy regardless of your decision ..

I am a graduate of Konya Technical University electrical and electronic engineering. Now I am preparing for KPSS. My question to you: how is business life? I especially want to work in the electricity distribution and transmission sectors; but I have fears. Let’s say I’m appointed. I am very afraid of business life. I am afraid of being scolded, of psychological pressure and that my job will be too difficult for me.

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