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I may not be able to write here for a long time, but actually there is a lot of information on the internet. Especially if you know a foreign language, you can reach more resources …

If you do not know it, please make an effort to bring your English or German to B2 level until you enter university so that you can be one step ahead in your university and professional life.

In addition to a foreign language in order to continue his profession abroad; If you can follow the steps of undergraduate education at a certain university in the country, graduation with a good degree, and if possible, getting a master’s degree in a university abroad, there is no reason why you should not be open in our country or in the world.

Of course, after gaining experience in the market for a while, you can open your own place. Services such as Design, R&D, Service, Maintenance-Repair, Quality Control are included in corporate structures.

While studying, I realized that I was more interested in static, strength of materials and dynamics lessons. That is why machine theory and dynamics are more interesting to me than other branches of science. How should I improve myself in this field, what should I do?

My second question is this: My school’s department score is decreasing rapidly every year, as a result, I believe that the quality of students and therefore the quality of education has also decreased. My GPA is high enough to be able to transfer. Do you think I should transfer, what is your opinion?

Your message took me years ago and excited me. I am the first female student who entered the year Gaziantep METU was founded and skipped the preparations and started from the first grade.

When METU withdrew from the stage for various reasons and decided to become Gaziantep University, those who transferred their 13-15 years of experience and advanced workshops to the new university probably did not want the university to lose such prestige. None of us wanted it. It could be a university that would suit the 21st century. We saw our school as a plane tree sapling to grow in Anatolia, it was short-lived like a wild flower … In the first years, the scores were quite high with the METU infrastructure, unfortunately they consumed this prestige very quickly.

If you could transfer to a prestigious university and ask my opinion, I would say ‘pass’. I may be saying this with anger and emotion.

Let’s do it like this if you want; Sedat BAYSEÇ, a very valuable teacher of machine theory and dynamics, is a classmate I love very much. See you for years. I think (it is a privilege to take lessons from Sedat BAYSEÇ, to be his student, but it is a privilege) if you share your doubts with him … I am sure he can help you much more than I do. If you wish, you can also share this correspondence with me.

I’m preparing for the university entrance exam, but now I feel like I’m in a big emptiness about how I will go after the exam. I have been interested in aviation and aerospace engineering for a while, I heard that mechanical engineering includes this department, which one do you think would make sense to choose?

Another question is that I am torn between engineering and the health sector.

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